Tetra Pak® and Dana introduce natural mineral water in innovative carton packages


Ljubljana, Slovenia (21 June 2018) – Tetra Pak and Dana today announced the first Slovenian water by Dana in Tetra Pak packaging. The Tetra Prisma® Aseptic 750 ml for water was designed as a worldwide first and the packaging has a modern, cool design enhanced by a metallic finish. The new innovative product comes in a size of 750 ml, convenient for in-house and on-the-go-usage.

Dana undertakes continuous investments, adapting to market demands and consumer-driven trends. Thus, the latest result is the filling of Dana natural mineral water in Tetra Prisma® Aseptic 750 ml packing. The first filling took place in May. The product will soon be present at the majority of conventional Slovenian retailers, drugstores and petrol stations. We have already got the first order in Sweden, and the product has also received excellent first feedback from the Croatian market. At this moment, the presentation of the product is taking place at the trade fair in Shanghai.

The natural mineral water in Tetra Prisma® Aseptic 750 with HeliCap™27 is a response to consumer trends all over the world. The new product packaging is recyclable and mainly made from paperboard from natural and renewable sources. The wood used for the package is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council with the label FSC™, guaranteeing that the wood comes from well-managed forests and other renewable sources.

According to the first very positive feedback from retailers, Tetra Pak packaging is a novelty in the water category; it is lightweight and easy to transport. All these characteristics differentiate the new Dana natural mineral water on the shelf.

»The Slovenian market for non-carbonated water shows a trend of growth. Data on water consumption in Slovenia for 2017 shows that the market grew by almost 8 percentage points in comparison with the previous year, which is more than 48 million litres of annual consumption. At Dana, we remain loyal to our consumers and our mission: to promote a better life through a range of new products. We are constantly looking to address the needs of Slovenian consumers for innovative products in good packaging, and Tetra Pak was a natural choice for our natural water brand.«

Marko Hren, Managing Director, Dana

»At Tetra Pak, we put our customers and their growth at the heart of everything we do and our business relies on our strong partnerships. We are happy to take this step forward and together we are leading the way to more sustainable products like Dana natural mineral water.«

Francesco Faella, Managing Director, Tetra Pak SEE

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