Dana with vitamins for an unforgettable summer


Would you use it to the last drop, have it over the weekend or take care of protection? Do not think about what you would do to it, but what the new Dana drink with vitamins would do to you! You can choose from three fresh flavours.

DANA VITAMIN is a low-energy soft drink that combines the benefits of Dana natural mineral water and vitamins. Enriched water with ADDED VITAMINS helps improve general well-being guilt-free, as the drink is LOW CALORIE. The amount of added vitamins is just right to cover your DAILY NEEDS and the size is perfect for keeping WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES. The advantage of the product is that the drink is filled in a Tetra Prisma Aseptic Pack 750 ml package, which provides ADDITIONAL PROTECTION OF THE VITAMINS FROM LIGHT. The drink has NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES.

In the development of DANA VITAMIN products, we followed the trends of the modern consumer, to whom we offer harmonious flavours:

  • IMMUNO is a combination of orange and peach flavour, containing zinc, vitamin B7 and C, which play a role in the functioning of the immune system.
  • DETOX is a refreshing flavour of lemon and mint and contains a combination of vitamins B3, E and C that contribute to the release of energy in metabolism.
  • ACTIVE & FIT is the flavour of mango, and the combination of vitamins C and B complex helps to reduce fatigue and exhaustion.

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