DANA natural mineral water

PET packaging


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DANA Natural mineral water is bottled from the Dana spring in Mirna, Slovenia. Suitable for a low- sodium diet.

· Bottled in its natural state, without
any processing;
· Relatively high Ca2+ and Mg2+ content;
· Low Na+ content (average of 2.3 mg/l);
· Naturally without CO2;
· Low mineralisation;
· A constant and stable composition
throughout the years;
· Low nitrate content (average of
· Beneficial pH level (average of 7.50)
· The first Slovene water to undergo
constant biological tests for health
safety (Allium test).

Protect from direct sunlight.

Izvleček analize naravne mineralne vode z dne 9.12.2016, opravljene na Nacionalnem laboratoriju za zdravje, okolje in hrano Novo mesto:

Ca2+ 70.0
Mg2+ 37.0
K+ 1.2
Na+ 2.0
Fe2+ < 0.01
Cl- 4.9
SO42- 13.8
F- 0.071
HCO3- 378
pH 7.50

For more information call us
07 346 22 00