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Decades of regular bioassays show that Dana natural mineral water differs from other Slovenian waters in its lower level of genotoxic substances. ...

Monday, May 26, 2014

10. kolesarski maraton Dana

V nedeljo, 15. junija, ob 10-ih bo v Trebnjem štart malega (27 km) in velikega (65 km) že 10. trebanjskega kolesarskega maratona Dana. ...

Friday, May 16, 2014

Tečem tečeva

Ljudje smo rojeni za tek. Super vzdržljiva bitja, ki so ustvarjena za premagovanje velikih razdalj. Včasih smo to počeli, da smo prišli do ...

Thursday, April 17, 2014

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We have developed a modern production environment, based on a long tradition of making brandy that allows for adapting the equipment and processes to market needs on day-to-day basis.
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In our day and age, which is full of stress, with people leading a more sedentary lifestyle, our beverages represent an excellent form of relaxation and a healthy way of life. There is a growing number of Slovene and foreign customers who are enjoying our natural mineral water, delicious juices, and selected brandies.
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The Slovenian tradition of making brandy goes back to the 19th century. Our ancestors have left behind a rich legacy of instructions on selecting the most appropriate fruits, sorting them, processing them, distilling them and ultimately aging the brandy in order to give it an authentic flavour.
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Take a look at some of Dana's amusing adverts. Have a good laugh with football player Marko and five all-time popular ads written by Miki Muster. From black-and-white times...

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