Alcohol beverages with designation of origin

The ancient farm varieties of apple and pear trees still grow in remote valleys. Regional and climatic features, as well as the traditional knowledge of the method of production, give Dana natural brandies a distinct and full flavour.

Agricultural products with designation of origin are closely related to the region after which they are named. Typical of all such products are the production, processing and market preparation procedures, which all take place inside the specific geographical region they are named after. The designation of origin of an agricultural product is the trademark of quality. The product must have properties or characteristics specific to its place of origin.

These involve natural and human factors such as climate, soil quality, local knowledge and experience. The manufacturer of the product must follow the prescribed rules for production and is also subject to rigorous control by the certification body.


Dolenjski sadjevec with designation of origin

Dolenjski sadjevec is a natural fruit brandy produced by the distillation of a fermented mash of mixed fruit grown and processed in the geographical region of Dolenjska. The Dolenjska geographical region comprises the area on the right bank of the Sava River from Breg at Litija to the Breganščica river, from the Bregana river through the ridge of Gorjanci to the altitude point at 824 m, and from there, as the crow flies, to the Črmošnjice village, Dvor, Smuka, Krka and Šmartno pri Litiji back to the Sava River.


Sustainable production

Dolenjski sadjevec has specific sensory characteristics that are evident in the recognisable bouquet of pleasant aromas and taste. It is produced from at least half of the extensively produced apples, pears, plums and damsens grown in orchards and meadows according to the principles of integrated production.

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