The opening of Dana Interrom


Mirna, 25. October 2018 – Dana today officially opened new production facilities for the manufacture of semi-finished products, which will be marketed under the Interrom trademark. They will ensure dynamic growth, increase productivity, increase competitiveness, consolidate our position on the global market by the launch of new products with greater value added and improve operational conditions in terms of the environment.

Dana, d.o.o. has more than 60 years of experience in the manufacture of semi-finished products for the production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Semi-finished products are niche-oriented products with higher value added, and thus a complementary range in filling beverages. Some of the existing equipment was already outdated and in technical terms prevented the range being expanded with a new group of semi-finished products without preservatives. Due to the increasing demand for such products, the upgrade was a must. The goal of the upgrade is not only to improve the quality, but also to provide for the automation of certain technological operations.

Marko Hren, the Company’s Managing Director, emphasised in his speech that the investment would result in a new impetus and great responsibility. We have enhanced the capacity and increased the quality of the existing range of bases and emulsions. The new equipment will enable Dana to start realising its vision, which we outlined in 2013 – “to become an important supplier of semi-finished products to the food industry”.

By building a new production facility, the Company acquired additional space for installing modern equipment for the manufacture of bases, emulsions, syrups and for filling syrups into bottles with handle caps. The Company can also produce marmalade for the bakery industry. Semi-finished products and syrups will be filled in different types of packaging: bottles with handle caps with a volume from three to ten litres, bags in barrels, small bags and stainless steel tanks of 200, 500 and 1,000 litres. Larger tanks are designed for the internal transport of semi-finished products to filling lines, while smaller tanks are meant for the transport of bases and emulsions. The facility also provides a smaller space for quality control, arranging technological documentation and testing samples.

The investment, subject to normal operation and use, will have no adverse environmental impacts, as it has been set up and developed in accordance with the principle of environmental protection. During operation, the new technological equipment does not generate any emissions that exceed the permitted limit values. It also improves working conditions for employees.

Dana was given a grant in the amount of EUR 400 thousand for the investment.

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